SYNTAX TERRORKESTER - ONZ  |  Director: Nathanael Larsson

05 / 2015  |  MUSICVIDEO

Syntax TerrOrkester released their new album BYDRIFTER may 22, 2015. We had the honor to make one of the music videos to the song Onz.

    We chose to take this song to a repetitive level. So many habits and rhythms we have in our daily life; sleep, eat, drink. And so many repetitions we can find in history of mankind. Its seems like giving birth and dying is just miniature repetition of human  cultures and civilizations. Sadly its not just beautiful things that repeat themselves. Also wars and quarrels. When we have forgotten about how terrible it is we repeat it again.

    We must not forget our history, but learn from it so we can grow and evolve. This is a vital repetition of mankind, to build and rebuild.


    This is strictly our interpretation of the song Onz. And we were happy to contribute with another perspective to the music.