" Everything you need in the field of art we are creative enough to deliver with high level and skill. So take a moment and let us work together to make the world a more creative & inspiring place. No task is to big, just an opportunity for more creativity and bringing art to the people. Spinae Company for the future, together. "





Spinae Company is an Art Center with a fundamental base in performing arts. With three department focus; Professional Stage Work, Educational Student Development and Enterprise Events. We do crossover production in the work of dance, theatre, music, art and design. From design to production and presentation. Our productions can be customized for institutions, theaters, companies or independent groups, fitting the production purpose, such as Spinae Company can deliver were ever, what ever.




Spinae Company works with professional artist all over the world; Spinae Company is a co-ordinater, producer and manager for freelance artists and companies in different countries and different stages. Film is a big focus with our own annual production. Amongst our collaboration companies is Tijomo (film production company). Design and music composing is disciplines in which we have highly skilled people available.  The local facilities on Stord is also open for residency for artists that have an idea they want to develop or a company that need a residency during production and rehearsal period.



We have  high level students from the age of 5-20 years under our roof at Spinae Company Stord. With focus on Spinae Technique and stage performances for young artist we prepare them for ”the life as an artist”.  With the world growing more communicative the youngsters today have exceedingly more more possibilities. They are the future audience and the future artists with a lot to contribute. We are working in schools and universities with different projects under contract and set amount of time. It can be workshop form, production or working with education of teachers in creative work within schools or for an educational purpose.





Our enterprise department is working up towards firms that want a creative boost, and need help with anything from event planning and coordination, to creative workshops,  or just event entertainment. We are also doing lectures and presentations about physical and text choice approach and awareness in different situations; contract closing, work interviews, speeches etc. Another thing becoming more demanded is interior and public architectural work. Many times it is developed closely with the clients so that it can be customized to become a signature enchantment and work as inspiration for the company.